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by 박준형 posted Aug 08, 2022


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Good morning dear parents, teachers and students!

The first semester of 2022 has ended with a wonderful exchange programme to Sri Kuala Lumpur International School.

The event started with opening speeches from our school principal, Ms Lee Hwa and Sri KL’s principal, Dr Cheah. Our students then had a go at Malaysian traditional games, arts and crafts and musical instruments (gamelan). They enjoyed a light snack of nasi lemak, sandwiches and fruits (many students loved the nasi lemak and wanted seconds!)













The event ended successfully with performances from both schools, KSMY with samulnori and Sri KL with cultural ‘budaya’ dances. We also had a gift exchange ceremony and a group photo session. Overall, students from both schools had a meaningful time with each other.





Please look forward to many more exchange opportunities in the future ^^

Happy holidays and stay safe!


T. Beverly Liew



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