Recruitment for After School Program(Reading Books)

by 박준형 posted Mar 29, 2021


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1. Subjects required / recruitment intake

  - English(1)

  - Contract: 4.Apr.2021 – 28.Feb.2022



2. Requirements

  - Who is not limited or banned by the Korean MOE or the Malaysian MOE to teach at school

  - Who is applicable to at least one of the following items

    1) was or will be granted a relevant degree to the program at a college or university

    2) has a teaching career in the program

    3) has certificates related to the program



3. Recruitment Schedule

 A. Notification: 29.Mar.2021(Mon) 14:00 ~ 1.Apr(Thu) 15:00, School Homepage

 B. Submission:

 C. Details

  1) 1st Selection: Document Examination (1.Apr)

  2) 1st Selection result: by 16:00 1.Apr

  3) 2nd Selection: Interview 09:00-12:00, 2.Apr

  4) 2nd Selection result: by 15:00 2.Apr

  5) Writing a contract: by 2.Apr.2021

  ※ The schedule might be subject to adjustment depending on the situation


4. Required documents

 - Curriculum Vitae(with ID picture)


 - A letter of self-Introduction

 - A copy of the highest level of academic degree

 - Copies of certificates or academic report cards

 - An annual plan for after school program