Foreign Language Teacher Recruitment

by 박준형 posted Jan 25, 2021


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  Korean School of Malaysia is an organization, managed by the Ministry of Education of Korea, which is built for Korean students to learn and experience a wide range of competencies suited for the 21st century.

  Since September 2016, we have made huge progress in developing our own Korean international curriculum, building a friendly atmosphere conducive to academic pursuit.

  We invite suitably qualified and experienced candidates with great educational enthusiasm to join as a part-time primary teacher in the Korean School of Malaysia.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Teaching Year 1 to Year 6 students (less than 20 periods a week)
  • Recruiting Teachers
     1. English (English as a Foreign Language classes)
  •  2. Mandarin (optional)
  • Lesson planning weekly and semesterly
  • Assessment and subject reports semesterly and yearly
  • Checking homework and giving appropriate feedback
  • Aid-teacher (in-between classes)
  • Assisting school activities (i.e.: Korean holiday events, after reading activities)
  • Performing general and additional duties upon request

Job Requirements:

  • Candidates must possess certificates or experience in teaching English
  • Must have experience in teaching in English or certificates related to English education

Added Advantages:

  • with experience in teaching basic Mandarin in English
  • With at least a Bachelor's Degree in related areas
  • With teaching license or high English test scores (JELA, better than 37/40)
  • with working experience in educational organizations
  • with a diploma or certificate related to English
  • with working experience teaching Korean students


  • 1 Year (1st, March, 2021~28th, February 2022), Renewal will be noticed before the last month.

Recruitment Process

  • Job application: 26,Jan,2021~2,Feb,2021 (submission:
  • Interview: 4,Feb,2021~5.Feb,2021
  • The process may change according to the school schedule

Required Documents

  • Application with ID picture, Self Essay
  • 1 Copy of the highest certificate of a degree
  • 1 Copy of all the documentary evidence (i.e. teacher’s license, certificates)
  • Originals of the copies are needed for the interview


Any inquiries:


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